Reports are in that Google has launched a Person Finder app to help locate those who have gone missing following the 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile:

The site allows users to create an information listing about the missing person and allows other folks that know the person to update it.

The listing shows the person's home address and current status. The site shows if the missing person was able to make contact with someone. Users can upload a picture of the missing person as well. The site is tracking about 33,300 records as of today. According to early reports there has been more than 300 fatalities as a result of the massive earthquake.

The app was also utilised during the Haiti earthquake, helping victims reunite with their loved ones. Google however cautions users that the company is not responsible for validating the accuracy of the information entered into the site.

You may also view the Google crisis response page also which lists out organizations that accept donations via SMS text messages and provides a map showing recent seismic activities reported in Chile.