A cosmetic surgery clinic decided to try a different approach to advertising and used their nurses nude images to promote their business. Based in Tainan City, Taiwan, their clinic is now suspended by authorities.

The nude images appeared on its website and a giant billboard, as well as being distributed to media and customers before the campaign was shut down by authorities.

Eyebrows were raised when the clinic put up posters featuring three young nurses with the caption: “I decide my curves, you can be the focus too.” The clinic distributed the pictures to media and customers and used them on its Web site. “Of course we’re going to prosecute. What they did violates the law,” a Tainan City Health Department official said. Although businesses often use young women for models in ads or pay for models to present products at promotional events, they are seldom shown naked.

It now faces a fine of between T$50,000 ($1,481) and T$250,000 and it may be shut down.