Ah, volcanoes. The magnificent display of nature's fiery wrath. Volcanoes have tendency to spew lava from time to time. Lava, like fire (but hotter), is bad (but awesome).

The image above is an example of the awesomeness of lava courtesy of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano.

These are scientists. Although their natural habitat is in the lab, once in a while they are let loose to roam our lovely planet (and to tan their milky hides). These scientists picked the short end of the straws, and got to experience lava upclose and personal.

Having deduced that what they are looking at is in fact lava, the scientists decided to hot foot it to the nearest ocean before their face began to melt. Luckily, these happen to be quite healthy specimens, capable of running up to speeds faster than Stephen Hawking on a unicycle.

This just goes to show that no matter how many pens you have in your pocket protector, you should never mess with the awesomeness that is Mother Nature.

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