The Israeli Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Bar Rafaeli has so far managed to dodge two years of military service required in her native country Israel.

Israeli law exempts married women from the army, and while Bar Rafaeli is not married, an Israel Defense Forces major-general claims she was briefly married to a friend of her family to evade military service.

Major General Avi Zamir is calling for a boycott of all products endorsed by the 24-year-old, saying "At the end of the day, she is the one who has to look at herself in the mirror....We are a society that has an army, and Bar Refaeli doesn't have to participate in ads for [Israeli clothing company] Fox and, if she advertises Fox, then you shouldn't buy their products."

Refaeli's mother shot back, saying: "The general is a disgrace. Before they attack Bar they should check the government and see who in government did not join the army. Bar will continue succeeding. We are the sort of people who do and succeed, and they will continue talking."