Everybody knows how good wine is for the system, and it although it was known that red wine could stain your teeth, the Daily Mail has reported that drinking white wine is bad for the teeth, and brushing the teeth right after is even worse!

Scientists have found whites such as Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio wear away enamel more quickly than red wines such as Merlot and claret. Researchers say prolonged contact with white wine erodes the protective layer - making teeth more sensitive to cold, hot and sweet food.

Although it was also said that drinking wine with the accompaniment of cheese could be a good combination - cheese has high calcium content so it offsets the wine's damaging effects on the teeth. 'The tradition of enjoying different cheeses for dessert or in combination with drinking wine might have a beneficial effect on preventing dental erosion because cheese contains calcium in a high concentration.' said the researchers.

Earlier this year, a study at New York University found that white wines can stain teeth just like red wine. The acids in whites cause rough spots and grooves to appear on the enamel --leaving them vulnerable to stains from food, tea and coffee.