Here's a new way of extracting DNA: Poo.

Detectives in Valencia County, New Mexico identified a possible suspect when the thief took a dump and left it there at the crime scene.

"He ate their food and drank the drinks they had," said Valencia County Sheriff Rene Riviera.

The thief used the bathroom and left his solid waste on display for the homeowner. "It's more of an insult right there. It was a big slap in the face," the homeowner said.

That same type of evidence was found at several different burglary scenes. The detectives on the case said they used the thief's calling card against him. The feces went into evidence and the state crime lab extracted DNA from it. "We ended up getting a hit," Rivera said.

Haven't these amateurs learned nothing from CSI? Never leave any trace which could lead back to you. Duh.

Source: Neatorama