When you look for a good university, of course you should be checking for the academic record, facilities and... the availability of casual sex?

OnlineBootyCall.com compiled a list of the best and worst institutions for Bootycalls, highlighting the esteemed academic institutions where you are more likely to get some:-

Worst 5 Colleges to Have a Booty Call
5. MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
4. Oral Roberts University
3. Princeton University
2. BYU - Brigham Young University
1. United States Military Academy at West Point

Top 10 Colleges For Hookups
10.  New York University
9.   Maryland University
8.   DePaul University
7.   University of Georgia
6.   Ohio State University
5.   San Diego State University
4.   University of Texas at Austin
3.   University of Southern California
2.   Florida State University
1.   Arizona State University