Did you know that Australians have over 80 terms for underwear?!

The most popular is "Reg Grundies", a reference to the Australian TV production company Reg Grundy who make shows like Neighbours and Home and Away. What a TV production company has to do with undies we don't know.

Other terms used for undies are:-
Sausage Sling
Wiener Warmer
Skidy Scrapers
The Incubators
Foundation Wear
Acca Daccas
Fart Filters
Boggle Pants
Crocodile Undies
Beaver Covers
Sausage Pouch
Bum Baggers
Fart Filters
Nut Hut
Tightie Whities

That's insane. All for a piece of undergarment! Check out the full list of terms here.