A pedigree ram has been sold for a world-record price of £231,000 at a Scottish livestock auction and will, unsurprisingly, be used for breeding rather than ending up on dinner's plate.

Experts described Deveronvale Perfection as one of the best lambs ever bred thanks to it's "great body and strong loin" plus chunky stature, great strength and great gigot (rear legs) which made it the ideal sheep.

British Texel Sheep Society Chief Executive, John Yates, says the sheep will be a long term investment: "Breeders are looking at the decades of sheep that this blood line can produce.

"Perfection went to a phenomenal price, it surprised even us, but when breeders show the enthusiasm that they have for our breed, when they see the "Perfect" Ram, they will stop at nothing."

Source: newslite.tv