The gorillas at the London Zoo were given a picture each of their future French male companion that was to be imported all the way from France.

The three females, Mjukuu, 10, Effie, 16 and Zaire, 34 are set to be joined with 20 stone male gorilla Yeboah, 12.

The keepers at the London Zoo hoped that this will mean the gorilla girls recognize him when he arrives and will be more likely to mate with him.

But we think this shouldn't be a problem, given that the last time they've had some male company was in December 2008, since Bobby the silverback died.

Team leader Tracey Lee said: "Mjukuu was holding the picture as if she was reading a newspaper. We think Yeboah will go for her first because she's very pretty, very social and she's a terrible flirt."

"She used to hug Bobby and sit on his knee all the time while looking over her shoulder at the others."

Ooh, nothing like a young thing who knows how to work her charm.