Unless it's a compliment (But even that can come across as you being a perverted, sleazy bag) all other statements or questions regarding well-endowed girls should be with-held.

10. "I'm usually not that into giant boobs."
- You may think it is a compliment, you may even think that this is a perfectly good cover-up as to the real reason you want to get in her pants (Which of course, are her boobs). But unless you're looking for something more than a slap on your left and right cheek, this is probably not the best thing to say.

9. "How big are they"
- Even if you are looking to buy her lingerie as her boyfriend, you DON'T ask her about her cup size. Ever.

8. "I'm sorry, I can't help staring at them"
- Well, I'm sorry, I can't help if she's going to dig out both your eyeballs right about now.

7. "I'm actually more of a leg man"
- Refer to number 10.

6. "Do you have back pain?"
- If you're asking this question, make sure it's to seek good suggestions for a prescription painkiller.

5. "I bet your mama gave those to you"
- Be ready to get called a f*cking creepster.

4. "Are they real?"
- They're probably about as real as you being an ignorant, no-brain jack ass. And that's as real as they can get.

3. "Can I motorboat them?"
- Oh God, if this is your pick up line, scratch it immediately. Unless you want your balls to get cut off by an angry chic, right after she has emptied her drink on you.

2. "You should work at Hooters"
- No offence to Hooters workers, I personally love them. But telling this to a woman is like telling her to sell herself to desperate divorced dads. And again, no offence to all those divorced dads out there.

1. "Nice tits"
- I'm pretty sure she doesn't need your acknowledgement on the subject matter.