The most interesting part of this year's Miss Universe is probably the part where contestents were supposed to display visual patriotism to their respective countries in the form of National Costumes. And some of them - no offence to those who designed them - don't quite make sense, no matter how you look at it.

Take a look at these to see what we mean:

Albania: Well, I guess this one's not too bad. But unless you're looking to be a modernised vampire, we'd say this is just a tad bit on the "Dark Master of the Underworld" side.

Japan: The Land of the Rising sun and home to awesome sushi and ramen and apparently, demon-hooker type sense of dressing.

New Zealand: Inspired by the filming of "Lord of the Rings", this sassy lady shows her pride by decking herself out as New Zealand's patron saint of prosperity, Gandalf.

Peru: The most significant to their culture is their constant battle with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. As this lady shows, even when battling teens in animal-shaped robots, you have to look good.

Puerto Rico: Ah, here's one that we like. The costume shows just enough cleavage and looks quite like the Wonder Woman costume. And just like that, it can do no wrong. Or not much anyway. Unless of course, it's a national costume.

Serbia: Is that... Straw in her hair?!

USA: Now at least little Miss USA can be assured that even if she didn't win the Miss Universe title, she will be very much accepted if she ever wants to become a NASCAR model.

Source: Asylum