It seems from a new survey of 12,500 frequent travelers that people these days are tired, prefering a good night's sleep over a night or great sex - as compared to just two years ago.

Who would have thought? But it's true. The survey - sponsored by Westin Hotels & Resorts with the help of the National Sleep Foundation - showed that more than 51% of respondents preferred a perfect night of sleep to a good romp in the hay.

Other interesting findings from the poll include:-

- Men (surprisingly) are the ones who take sleep over sex compared to the majority of women who say they prefer sex to snoozing.

- 60% said their Blackberry or other handheld device has hindered them from getting a good night's sleep.

- 62% take a “relaxant, sleep or stress medication,” either over the counter or by prescription, while traveling overnight.

- 58% said the biggest worry keeping them up at night is bills. Another cause that keeps people tossing and turning is problems with their spouse or partner (25%).

- In Canada and China, however, the biggest worry was problems with a spouse.

- 58% would go out of their way or pay more to stay at a hotel with their favorite bed, and one in four is willing to pay $100 extra for a good night’s sleep.

Source: BusinessWeek