Clemson University will be so proud of its students! Not.

It's not only a tradgedy, sister. It's a disaster!

Unfortunately, "imermanence" is not "impermanence" and in this case, it will be forever... On your back!

May God give him strenght and nisdom. To not get another bad tattoo.

"Vivere Senza Rimipianti" translates "To live without regrets" in Italian. The phrase is tattooed on Hayden Panettiere's side. However, "Rimipianti" is misspelled. Ouch.

Ahh, summmer is hereee!

Where are your going again?

Alis Volat PropRiis, which intended to mean "She Flies On Her Own Wings".

Yeah, tomoRow for us

And your welcome to an English class