An 11-year-old hero of a boy ran into a burning building to grab his two-year-old cousin out.

Adonis Bell said he knew what to do because "a firemen came to our school."

"Get myself and everybody out. He told us not to grab any stuff." Adonis remembered. "Just get out".

By the time firefighters arrived, Adonis and his family were safely huddled together outside his grandma's Roseland two-flat. Although they were safe, everything they owned had been gutted in the fire.

"Thirty years of life in that home and it was gone in a puff of smoke," Adonis' grandmother, Karen Bell, said. "It's a tragedy, but we can buy a couch or chairs instead of five or six caskets and grave plots."

"I don't know what we're going to do," she said. "But we're alive."

Source: Chicago Sun-Times