After 61 years of being a man, Roland Mery has decided enough was enough and went through a DIY sex change operation -- In his own bathroom.

Armed with a bottle of painkillers, a homemade surgery kit and a longing to become a woman since he was four, he manages to do "quite a good job" despite two pints of blood.

I had worked out exactly how I would do it and rehearsed it many times. It proved to me afterwards that your brain and emotions can overpower you so much. I had rehearsed the whole thing over and over. So when it came to actually doing it, the pain wasn't an issue anymore. My priority was to just get rid of it all, but I obviously had to be very careful.

Holy %$!&#! Excuse me while I ponder on how this guy is willing to go through with this and not wait two friggin years for a proper surgery.

Source: We Interrupt