Here's the worst pitch for a movie sequel ever!

They're pitching to do a second Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Get this - WITHOUT Bob Hoskins!

What? No Eddie Valiant?! What b.s is that? But that's what we're hearing. Roger Rabbit director Robert Zemeckis said that Bob Hoskins was always down to play the toon detective Eddie Valiant but according to Hoskins himself, he's not so sure about it. In an interview with MTV Hoskins explains:

The thing is, you act with cartoons, you got to be able to bounce off the walls like a cartoon. So I'm too old. I'm too old now.

I think he could do a sequel. He wouldn't be able to do it with me. I'm too old!

Somehow I've got a feeling if they decided to go with it without an Eddie Valiant, it's gonna be one crappy sequel.