While estrogen gives women soft skin, glossy hair and is important for her menstrual cycle, it works as an absolute opposite to men who have an excess of this female hormone.

Yes, women and men produce both male and female hormones - testosterone and estrogen - but with a balance. And when this balance is disrupted as in the case of middle age men who tend to produce more estrogen, they are at a much higher risk of many health problems.

High cholesterol levels, weight gain, osteoporosis, male breasts - just to name a few examples of health issues that are likely to plague the male species in their middle ages if their estrogen levels peak too high.

If you're sporting that extra flab around your waistline and cholesterol levels edging into the danger zone, don't just blame it on the lack of exercise! Low libido can also be a telltale sign that estrogen levels in your body are not at a healthy level so take precautions and get yourself checked, unless you want to end up with a pair of boobs and a sagging waistline.

Source: Daily Mail