Photos of a naked Jamie Foxx taken with a cellphone have emerged, and no, he didn't blame it on alcohol or adolescent fascination with his own body.

The picture, which appeared on Media Take Out, was taken down after Foxx's rep wrote in, claiming that the photos were the actor's property, and that they were apparently taken for an upcoming movie role.

Okay, so that doesn't seem like such b.s. story, considering the actor is currently filming the Garry Marshall romantic comedy Valentine's Day, in which a nude cellphone bathroom picture doesn't seem too out of place.

Or maybe the pictures are real, and Foxx is just covering up about it. But you can't blame the media for getting all excited about it - it's Jamie Foxx, naked, in one of those situations where you'd find Miley Cyrus or Venessa Hudgens in.

[via Jezebel]