Let's be frank: It isn't all that surprising if Lady Gaga is indeed a man.

But until herself comes out and not only addresses the hermaphrodite rumor directly, but also addresses it in a bikini, live, without the aid of Photoshop, will we ever really know? No we don't... the trannies are trained to hide the willies well, hello?

But just to satisfy our curiosity, we can consider this:

Check it out for yourself, right around the one-minute mark. Hawk-eyed fans swear that's some dangle-ness. Also, some photos are getting a very close look.

However, the video—shot at a massive music festival at Glastonbury—is of a pretty bad quality. So it could be just lighting, panties or even a wad of panties. God knows... it's Lady Gaga.

Check out the video here:

Gaga's supposed confirmation added fuel to the rumour. Blogs have gone nuts posting a supposed discussion from Gaga herself indicating she has both man and lady parts. According to the gossip blog queens, Gaga has been quoted as saying 'it's not something that I'm ashamed of'. 

Truth is, there is not a single legitimate news source confirming that the statement ever happened. The statement does not appear on Gaga's blog nor does it appear in any video format. In fact, Gaga's manager released a statement to ABC News calling the rumors and the alleged confirmation "ridiculous."

(Reps for famous people lie all the time, of course, but at least the manager is lying or telling the truth to a legitimate news outlet.)

So where does that leave us? Holding an empty evidence sack, that's where.

Source: E!