In 1993, they were the equivalent of Hannah Montana. Yes, we're talking about about the original casts of Power Rangers.  The show featured laughable fight scenes and terrible special effects, but spandex, new colors, and the teenage superhero fantasy kept the show going. Don't tell me you didn't watch it, because guilty as charged, I did watch it a lot!

Since starring in a kid’s hit series isn’t exactly a sign of future success, let’s take a look at what became of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The Pink Ranger -Amy Jo Johnson

Amy has had the most successful career post-Rangers, but that’s not saying much.  She left the show in 1995 and has since landed guest roles on Spin City, ER, Saved By The Bell: The new Class, Felecity, Wildfire and a handful of movies you’ve never seen.

She’s currently starring in the CBS police drama Flashpoint and would also like you to know that she’s an established musician.

The Yellow Ranger - Thuy Trang

Trang left her role as the Yellow Ranger after only 1.5 seasons on the show, hoping to move on to bigger and better roles.  That never really happened, as her only other credited acting gigs were in The Crow’s sequel and a minor part in Spy Hard.

Tragically, she was killed in a car accident in September 2001.  RIP.

The Red Ranger - Austin St. John

After the show’s immediate success, St. John did what any other celebrity would do - demand more money.  Unfortunately for him, he forgot that it’s easy to replace a character that spends much of his time behind a mask, and they told him to shove it.  He returned to the series for bit parts over the years, but clearly made a huge mistake by leaving when he did.

Nowadays, he’s working in DC as a paramedic and has aged a bit:

Yes, I drink beer, and yes, I will fight you

The Black Ranger - Walter Jones

Like his friends Yellow and Red Ranger, Jones got greedy after the first season and was quickly shown the door (never again would the Black Ranger be so literal).  He moved on to numerous roles in every possible African American-targeted show - Family Matters, In The House, Moesha, and The Parent ‘Hood.

After many more forgettable roles, he dropped acting and put his focus on salsa dancing.  According to his website, he was the 2004 Mayan World Salsa champion.  Bravo!  Jones was in the news recently after being pulled over for DUI, leading to this headline: Mighty Drunken Power Ranger.

Wayne Brady hates when I impersonate him

The Blue Ranger - David Yost

David stuck around longer than most, lasting on the show until 1996, when the producers pretty much forced him out by taking away his character’s powers.

After that, the only notable gigs he’s reeled in are production roles for Temptation Island and You Are What You Eat.  Other than that, no one on the internet seems to know where David Yost is.

My hair issues were predictable from day 1

The White Ranger - Jason David Frank

Frank is the one person who had no problem with making a career out of Power Rangers.  He appeared in over 240 episodes and holds the record for most ninja outfit changes - green, white, red, and black.

After finally hanging up the tights, he didn’t do much besides land the starring role in the John Stewart biopic Fall Guy.  No, not that Jon Stewart.  John Stewart, the (apparently) famous stuntman.  After that straight-to-DVD failure, he went on run a number of karate schools while reminding people of his 6th degree black belt.  His most recent Wikipedia-worthy event was at the 2009 Anime Festival in Orlando, where he signed a male fan’s chest.  Oh, to be a celebrity.