Billy the tortoise is watching his eggs which are being kept warm in an airing cupboard

At 110, Billy has proved he's still got what it takes after becoming a father. With wife Tammy, 47. Billy now have a brood of seven eggs to watch over.

Owner Peter Crane, 50, found the eggs buried in his garden in King's Lynn, Norfolk, last week after spotting Tammy crawling into a flower bed.

Mr Crane got Tammy, who is almost twice the size of her fellow spur thigh tortoise Billy, when he was just three years old.

He was given Billy by an 80-year-old relative 15 years ago. The tortoise has been cared for by the family since he was born in 1899.

'I didn't realise he had it in him but apparently the older they get the more fertile they become and he's obviously raring to go,' said Mr Crane.

The eggs are due to hatch in eight to 12 weeks. Mr Crane plans to keep two and give the rest to his grandchildren and a local school.

Source: DailyMail