With tonight's national lottery draw in Italy carrying an unprecedented £112million rollover jackpot, the winner may be tempted to praise the Lord.

But he or she is unlikely to be joined by the Roman Catholic Church, after leading figures called the huge sum 'immoral' and warned that winning it would lead to tragedy.

The top prize in the Super Enalotto lucky numbers draw has gone unclaimed since January, prompting record ticket sales and gripping the country.

'This draw is immoral. It really has become a form of idol worship as here Man really is worshipping money instead of God.

'It's a well-known fact that all those who have won a lot of money in the past have ended up being worse off - winning a lot of money is not a stroke of luck but a stroke of tragedy," said Monsignor Domenico Sigalini, of the Italian Catholic Bishops Conference.

Millions of Italians - and tourists - are trying their luck despite the odds of winning being 1 in 622million.

Source: DailyMail