As seen here (pic above), Taiwanese people run out of a rescue helicopter after fleeing from the flooded village of Namaxia following Typhoon Morakot today.

Morakot, which means ‘emerald’ in the Thai language, struck the Philippines, Taiwan and China and left at least 93 people dead, most of them in Taiwan.

The official death toll in Taiwan is 61, but that figure is likely to rise substantially once the search for survivors has ended.

More than 80in of rain was dumped on the island before moving on to China, where authorities evacuated 1.5million people and some 10,000 homes were destroyed.

Rescuers have found nearly 1,000 people alive in the area around three remote Taiwanese villages devastated by Typhoon Morakot.

Hundreds more are missing and feared dead in Kaohsiung county, which bore the brunt of the storm.

While other areas of the country were hit hard, rescuers were focusing their efforts on Kaohsiung, believing most of those unaccounted for could be trapped there.

But continuing heavy rains were wreaking havoc on their efforts.

Today, only a few dozen army helicopters were able to ferry survivors to safety in Cishan, where a makeshift landing zone was set on at a school.

The day before 300 people who escaped mudslides and still looked dazed were plucked from Shiao Lin village and its surroundings.

Since that rescue, another 270 people have been spotted near the village, which was destroyed by a mudslide Sunday.

Source: Taipei Times