Shanghai organized its first Smiling Team Dec. 13, according to Shanghai Morning Post. More than 30 university students become the first batch of volunteers of the team. They will always keep a kind and smiling face as part of the drive to build an amiable atmosphere in the whole city.

“One person is not enough, but plenty of volunteers will generate strong impacts on the society. We want more and more residents to feel a warm and cordial society surrounding them like a big family,” said a team member Zhao Xinya.

The topic of “city face” is on the lips of the locals these days. People want to establish an amiable image of Shanghai to assert this city’s vigor and charm.

“You normally find a numb and indifferent atmosphere among a crowd, especially in bustling streets,” said an official. “Shanghai needs to have more cheerful, vivid, and friendly faces and get rid of the apathetic appearance.”