Alor Star City, Kedah, Malaysia

The mayor of a small town in Malaysia tried everything he could think of to stop his constituents from littering the town’s sidewalks. Since all else short of house arrest has failed, Khazali Din of the northern Alor Star City, has instructed his officials to literally blow the whistle on offenders!

Those who dare to throw garbage on the streets of a small Malaysian town will regret their actions and be greeted with a sharp whistle blown in their offending ears by patrolling city officials. A fine of the equivalent of $85 US dollars will also be imposed.

Khazali felt he was forced to come up with an effective plan for the littering situation that had gotten out of control. He tried sending out flyers and other means of warning, but nothing worked, and the frustrated mayor finally resorted to desperate and rather loud means to get his point across to offenders.

“I’ve been trying so many methods, but they failed. I think this is the best way because people will feel embarrassed when they are caught red-handed. Some offenders may be let off with a warning, without having to face the full music. Officers have yet to learn the correct way to pounce on litterbugs and act on the spot and on the dot,” the mayor told the press.

As of this writing, the whistle-blowing offensive has already begun, but no one has been apprehended. The whistle campaign is expected to last until at least the end of the year.

Some helpful folk have suggested various techniques to help the sheriff along; namely, a monetary award for anyone who blows the whistle on offenders before the whistle blowers can blow their own or perhaps a raffle, in which the winner gets a free whistle and a chance to make all the arrests.