You read right: The guy is using cracks to treat cancer.

Scandalous report in The National Enquirer revealed that Actor Patrick Swayze has turned to marijuana for help in relieving his pain from his cancer treatments.

An unnamed source told The National Enquirer - a tabloid with highly questionable reputation - that Swayze is smoking marijuana to quell the insomnia, nausea, and anxiety caused by his chemotherapy treatments.

Using marijuana in medical world is nothing new. Much research has been done on marijuana’s medicinal properties. But the federal government has yet to recognize marijuana’s medicinal properties, leaving those that legally use it in their own states vulnerable to federal prosecutions.

According to the National Organization for the Return of Marijuana Laws, the majority of research suggests that smoking marijuana relives pain, nausea, and glaucoma. These studies prompted many states to try to legalize so-called “medical marijuana” with mixed success. To date, 13 states—including Swayze’s state of California—has legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes.

The former “Dirty Dancing” heartthrob has been battling pancreatic cancer for over a year now amid almost constant reports that he is at death’s door. Now in his final days of chemotherapy, the 56-year-old star has turned to marijuana to help him cope with what traditional medicine cannot—the side effects of this treatment.

Source: EON