Terrorist leader Noordin Mohammed Top may have cheated death or capture once more but he's likely to be caught by Indonesian police soon, a leading expert says.

Rohan Gunaratna, head of the Singapore-based International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research, says he's certain the man killed in a violent counter-terrorism raid on a house in Central Java at the weekend was not Noordin.

"It is not the body of Noordin M Top," Gunaratna told AAP, citing talks with sources close to the investigation.

"People who have seen Noordin M Top have identified that body as not belonging to him."

His comments came as fingerprint analysis reportedly confirmed that the body is not that of the Malaysia-born extremist.

Officially, police say they are still waiting on DNA tests to confirm if the body belongs to Noordin, who they have been hunting for the past six years.

Indonesian authorities, on the other hand, are "very confident" that the man killed during a dramatic 17-hour standoff Saturday morning is wanted terrorist Noordin Mohammed Top.

"We had this person under surveillance for a week and followed him wherever he went," a source inside the investigation told the daily Kompas. "We created a detailed profile on him. We knew where he went and what he ate. We even knew that he always slept in cemeteries."

The source said Noordin shied away from cell phones but left an electronic trail on the Internet, which led them to his trusted courier: the nephew of the man whose home was at the center of the standoff, Indra Arif Hermawan , who is also known as Arif and Indra. "The courier that became Noordin's communications lifeline was Arif. He was picked up before police descended on the house in Temanggung."

The capture of Noordin M. Top is documented by a national TV. Watch it here:

Source: AFP