Losing weight has never been easy, right? Which is why America - whose 'instant' and 'artificial' cultures have been celebrated worldwide (think Coke, McD and err, fake sun-tanning???) - comes up with a shortcut too to combat human fat.

Being a country with the largest obese population, America has been dubbed the fattest country on the planet. Sounds unbearable, supposedly, by the very same country whose movie and fashion industry promote skeletal size perfect image.

All sort of diets the Americans come up with have never been revolutionary, until the latest approach to tackling obesity is recently approved by the authority for a three-year trial: Deep brain stimulation (DBS).

DBS is a procedure that involves inserting electrodes into the brain to deliver tiny bursts of electricity to alter the patient's behaviour. During the procedure, patients first have holes drilled into their skull. The electrodes are then implanted - these are attached to wires, which are fed across the surface of the brain and under the skin to a small battery implanted under the collarbone. It is believed that this procedure helps reduce patient's appetite.

DBS is already used in the treatment of movement disorders such as Parkinson's disease and dystonia - here it works by blocking the nerve signals causing the spasms.

With obese patients, the idea is to target the hypothalamus, the area of the brain which controls our desire to eat. Basically it works by making the patient feel full.

Source: DailyMail