26-year-old Chinese woman was saved by a Beluga whale when her legs were paralysed by crippling cramps in arctic temperatures aquarium in Harbin, north east China.

Yang Yun had been taking part in a free diving contest without any breathing equipment, and the competition required the contestants to sink to the bottom of an aquarium's 20ft arctic pool and stay there for as long as possible.

But when Yun, 26, tried to head to the surface she struggled to move her legs, she said she began to choke and sank even lower.

"I thought that was it for me - I was dead. Until I felt this incredible force under me driving me to the surface," she explained.

Beluga whale Mila had spotted her difficulties and using her sensitive dolphin-like nose guided Yun safely to the surface.

An organiser said: "Mila noticed the problem before we did.

"We suddenly saw the girl being pushed to the top of the pool with her leg in Mila's mouth.

"She's a sensitive animal who works closely with humans and I think this girl owes her, her life."

Source: The Sun