The Manchester United football team was targeted by Al Qaeda hotel bombers two weeks ago, it was claimed yesterday, as an internet message emerged purporting to be by Southeast Asia's most wanted terror suspect, Jamaah Islamiah.

The organization, whose loyalty to Al-qaeda had resulted in various bombings in Indonesia targeting at westerners and local Christians, claimed it held responsibility over the recent Ritz Carlton and J.W. Marriot bombing incidents. It also claimed that the organization had specifically targeted at Manchester United players (scheduled to stay in Ritz Carlton hotel Jakarta a day after the bombing), and manager Alex Furgesson.

The message claimed by Jamaah Islamiah

The team was described by the message as 'God’s enemy’s who do not deserve honours and respect from Muslisms’.

Another big target revealed by the organization was the U.S. lobbyist James Castle, who was having a breakfast meeting with the 'American Chamber of Commerce’ in the neighbouring hotel, J.W. Marriot.

The breakfast meeting suffered heavy fatalities on July 17, with three Australians and a New Zealander killed in the explosions.

‘They have major interests in sucking Indonesia’s treasure and financing the U.S. Army to fight against Muslims and Islam,’ the message said.

Manchester United abandoned its planned game against an Indonesian all-star side after the bombings.

The posting has not been independently verified but is described as ‘plausible’ by Sidney Jones, the Jakarta based analyst for the International Crisis Group.

Source: Daily Mail