A Hong Kong man who killed a teenage prostitute before cutting up her body and leaving some of the remains at a butcher’s has been sentenced to life, a judicial spokeswoman said Tuesday.

Transportation worker Ting Kai-tai, 24, was found guilty by a unanimous verdict at the High Court on Monday of murdering the 16-year-old high school drop-out, a spokeswoman for the Judiciary said.

Jailing Ting, Judge Alan Wright described the crime as “barbaric”, English daily The Standard reported.

“The fact we had to sit and listen to what you did was the worst experience ever imaginable,” the judge was quoted as saying in the newspaper.

“It would be no exaggeration to say your conduct was barbaric. You killed a 16-year-old and you disposed of her body in a most horrendous way.”

Ting told police following his arrest last year that he had killed Wong Ka-mui after having sex with her in his flat in April 2008.

Wong Ka Mui, 16, was allegedly murdered and her body dismembered by the accused.

She was wearing a black T-shirt and black pants, and carrying a gold handbag, when she left her home at 2pm that day.

The victim's remains have not been found yet, but Hong Kong's The Standard newspaper said DNA taken from blood stains found in the flat matched those on the girl's clothes at home.

The police said Ting had confessed to killing the victim when they were both high on drugs.

He allegedly cut off her head and limbs using a chopper.

He then reportedly peeled off the skin and sliced her flesh and organs into smaller pieces, according to Hong Kong media.

Local reports said Ka Mui was a top student who quit school in January this year to help support her family.

Some newspapers said she became a prostitute after leaving school and had advertised her services using the name Kimi on the Internet.

Source: Sadist [AFP via NST]