What does a "one-hit-wonder" do when the world has totally forgotten about her existence? Launch a new album of course. Oh, and pose naked and bejeweled to sell it fast, wearing f*ck-me heels.

It's been six years since the former Neighbours star Holly Valance released an album. So now she wants to be blown to the top, by flashing her skin.

The singer posted a cabaret-inspired photo on her Twitter account, showing her "modestly" covered body, decorated with shiny costume jewelry.

Thus emerges the news that Holly will release her new EP Superstar next week. It's her first release since 2003, when her second album State of Mind failed to make any significance, only managing to reach number 60 in the UK charts.

Her first single Kiss Kiss, had entered the charts at number one. It doesn't take much to guess why it was so popular - the singer appears naked in the accompanying video, wearing nothing by flashing lights covering her chest and loins (pictured above).

However, her acting career hasn't boosted much. She had small parts in TV shows CSI, Entourage and Prison Break, and starred in Paris Hilton's flop Pledge This.

At this rate, we can't blame the girl for trying to rise to fame again by stripping off all clothes.

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