A recent study documents a sharp rise in the incidence of salivary gland cancer in Israel that researchers believe may be linked to the use of cell phones. The study, commissioned by the Israel Dental Association examined the incidence of oral cavity cancers in Israel from 1970 to 2006.

Among salivary gland cancer cases, researchers found a worrying rise in the number of cases of malignant growth in parotid glands - the salivary gland located under the ear, near the location where cell phones are held.

Of 11,800 Israelis who developed oral cancers during the period studied, salivary gland cancer was the third most common. Most oral cancer patients were over 70, with only 2.7 percent under 20. However, salivary gland cancer, which researchers suspect to be linked to cell phone use, was disproportionately common among young patients. One fifth of those patients were under 20.

Source: Cancer [Truthout]