Scooter, a Maltese terrier pup is only three inches tall, and can sit in a teacup. His owner, Cheryl McKnight, believes that qualifies the tiny thing to claim the title of the smallest dog in the world.

He is so tiny that McKnight, of Aukland, New Zealand, had to make him a special jumper out of a purple sock to make sure she doesn't accidentally step on him.

McKnight believes Scooter has stopped growing at the height of three inches - almost an inch smaller than the current smallest-dog holder, Boo Boo, a long-haired chihuahua living in the US.

"Scooter is so small he can sit in one of the tea cups I use," she said. "There are some disadvantages in him being his size because I can't take him for a walk - it would take all day - and I can't find a leash to fit him in any case."

As for feeding time, Scooter eats out of an egg cup three times a day, and sleeps in a shoe box.

"He's so much a part of my life these days - and to think that at one stage I almost gave him away. For the first 10 weeks or so I didn't really want him," she told the New Zealand Press Association. "I thought nah, someone else can have him. But over time I've fallen in love with him."

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