A teenage boy tried to sell naked photos of his mother online - but instead of getting slammed by his mother, she praised him and gave him more pictures to sell.

The 18-year-old Michael was ordered to clear out the garage by his mother Jennifer, 44. But while sulkily cleaning, he came across some racy photos of his mother. 

Filled with what seemed to be vengeance, he posted the pictures on online trading site TradeMe with the title, "5 naked photos of my mum."

When Jennifer found out, surprisingly she didn't scold him - instead, she gave him more pictures to sell. "He was quite naughty... I thought 'you cheeky little git', but at least he'd been a bit creative about it," said Jennifer.

But unfortunately for the weird Jennifer, TradeMe pulled the auction. "I wanted 50 per cent of the sale, but more than that I miss the nice comments."

[via Metro]