1. Thirty Minutes Quiet Time on the Couch
The man's tired. It's three o'clock, he's on the couch, Tiger and Lefty are battling it out in the U.S. Open (but not on the climactic holes, yet), and he wants to drift off for 20 to 30 minutes free of a child's request for quality time, or the next mission on the Honey-do list. Sleeping in is nice, but a mid-day Sunday slumber? A little slice of fatherly heaven.

2. A Bathing Suit
If you're going to buy him clothes, skip the tie or shirt. Those are for the office, for cripesakes! Buy him a gift that he wouldn't buy himself, and one that comes with the subtle message that you like seeing him at his ease, wearing as little clothing as possible.

3. A Kick-Butt Pen
Guys spend most of their time punching keys or thumb-typing on phones, but there are still times when we need to pull out a ink-filled missile to sign a new deal or pen a heartfelt note. Give a man a pen with substance and style, and it will be loved, coddled, and protected almost as much as his putter. Almost. (You can never go wrong with a Montblanc Meisterstuck.)

4. A Neck Massage
Between staring at the computer, sitting in traffic, coaching her soccer team on Saturdays, and closely tracking the battle between Lefty and Tiger, the man is bound to be tight and tense. While he won't argue with any attention that you may pay to his body, he could really use a hard squeeze on his neck. Really dig in, then slide your hand down to his upper back to find the muscles that's holding all the tension. (This article will give you some ideas.)

5. A Framed Drawing from The Kids
Kid's name, kid's drawing, and a few kid words complete with backwards E's. Frame it and that little masterpiece is going front and center in his office by Monday morning. And you thought what really brought him joy was a universal remote?

6. A Weekly Babysitter
I know, it's counterintuitive to hire a babysitter every week to help you and dad escape the kids. But look at it this way: The relationship between husband and wife is the foundation of the family, and you're not helping the kids if the foundation cracks. Invest in the relationship, and everybody prospers. So buy tickets to the art-house film series or the local theater festival, and commit to time away with him. It's a gesture that benefits everybody, from dad down to baby Jane. Here's how to plan the perfect romantic getaway.