Horny British blokes will spend £4.2 billion this year on 'hush-hush' sex behind their partners' backs - despite the credit crunch, it has been revealed.

According to a study done by www.onepoll.com, the sex industry in the UK is clearly not affected by the recession. The study involved 4,200 men revealed that men, "will find money to indulge somehow," a spokesman for the online poll site explained.

The range of sex industry studied includes strippers, saucy downloads, adult internet sites, satellite TV channels, erotic call service as well as porn magazines and blue DVDs.

Almost a third (29 per cent) regularly visit strip clubs, with three trips a year emerging as the average. Guys also fork out around £62 each trip, leading to a national spend in excess of £1.6 billion.

Erotic downloads to mobile phones are the second-biggest expense, with eight per cent of men - 1.8 million - paying for raunchy images every month, leading to an annual spend of £496 million.

More than one in ten men (13 per cent) have membership to adult websites and download a collective total of £387million a year.

Just over 1.5 million men (7 per cent) visit prostitutes around four times a year - spending #384 million - while another £356 million is being splashed out on phone sex.

Men in London spend the most on prostitutes, forking out £72 a time compared to the national average of £61 while guys in Newcastle use up the most money on adult chat lines.

Blokes in East Anglia fork out the highest amount buying adult content on the internet while guys in Liverpool splash out the biggest sums on erotic downloads for their phones.

However, almost a third of men are constantly worried their partner will find out about their sexy secret - and more than one in five insist they would be dumped if it came to light.

The report also found frisky fellas use an array of crafty methods to gather the money for their adult fun to ensure wives and girlfriends never suspect a thing.

Source: SEX [Current.com]