Ever wondered what qualities a woman prize in a man? Scratched your head and still can't figure them out? Well, it's time to stop trying to look for them in your male buddies because chances are, you won't be able to dig them out.

Every woman is different and thus, they look for different qualities in a man. But generally, there are a few qualities that women treasure a lot. And here they are:-

Prized quality #1: Cooking
Women love a man who can cook because she has all these ideas that because you know how to work it in the kitchen, you'll be able to prepare meals for her whenever she's hungry. Secondly, it'll mean that you're willing to spend time to prepare something for the two of you to enjoy together.

And most of all? Is that you've thrown out that traditional ideas about women and her necessary proximity to the kitchen.

Prized quality #2: Enthusiasm
It's attractive to see a man get all psyched up about something, especially when you're excited about seeing your main lady. Because we love playing it cool, seeing this sort of child-like endeavour once in awhile thrills her and it's a sign of trust that you're thoroughly comfortable around her to play down your Mr. Cool persona for her.

Prized quality #3: Thoughtfulness
This is possibly what every woman looks for in her man. Ask about her day at work and when she's stressed out, give her a foot massage. Tell her that you appreciate what she does for you and show it by taking her out on a spontaneous date to know you care. These little things mean a lot to your lady and a little thoughtfulness goes a long way.

Prized quality #4: Genuineness
Having a genuine nature can be a sign of trust in a relationship. A man who's willing to show his emotions in front of a woman is telling her how close he feels to her. Women love sincerity and showing her more of yourself is sincerity at its best.

Prized quality #5: Family Values
There's a difference between a Momma's boy and a family man. A family man treasures quality time with those who are his relatives. Women love to see this trait because it gives them an outline of what the future might be like if you were starting a family with them. Being close to your family also shows that you have a good support system and foundation, so you know how to love and be loved.