Interracial dating is not something that is shunned anymore by today's society. In fact, many of us probably welcome the idea, unlike those days when Chinese only date Chinese, and Caucasians only date Caucasians.

However, although interracial dating has withstand the passage of time, there are still a few obstacles that have to be overcome.

Dating Obstacle #1: The Traditionalists
Yes, in today's 21st century, nobody is as close minded anymore as to go against interracial couples. Or very few, at least. But people like this still exist, believe it or not.

Our advice is to just ignore them. If you and your girl are happy together, I don't see why anyone else should butt in and tell you who to date and who to not date. Surround yourself with people who are open to diversity and adversity and be sure to not let remarks get to you and ruin your otherwise perfectly fine relationship.

Dating Obstacle #2: The Stereotypes from Mass Media
How many interracial couple do you see on TV anyway? None. Even if there are, they probably represent a minority among the minority. But you have to realise that the media's role is to cater to the majority. And stereotypes are the easiest way to do that.

How do you overcome this obstacle? Recognise that the media portrays a very biased representation of the society. And just because you don't see it on TV, doesn't mean it shouldn't exist. You'll find it easier to cope if you keep in mind that you don't have to fall under these stereotypes at all.

Dating Obstacle #3: The Offensive Family Member

This one may be particularly tricky to deal with: A family member or friend who just refuse to acknowledge that you're dating someone who is culturally-different than you are. They blurt out off-colour jokes or bluntly racist remarks that insult both you and your partner.

To deal with this, the first thing you have to remember is that silence is not golden. In this case anyway. Make sure that they know your tolerance for such crude remarks is low. However, learn to tell them off without getting emotional because it might worsen things up and they may even start turning their backs on you. Help them understand that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the partner you choose and that both of you will work your differences out.

Dating Obstacle #4: The Gazers
As you walk down the street you catch people's gazes landing towards you and your sweetie. And it's not the first time either. Not everybody is used to seeing an interracial couple so you may even catch a few frowns and furrowed brows here and there.

Our advice? Ignore, ignore, ignore. They're strangers and they're the ones who least understand you and possibly, they don't really care. It's just a rare sight for them and you're better off imagining that you're a celebrity and they're all your fans stealing shy looks at you. It sounds stupid, but hey whatever works.