Media workers are the heaviest drinking professionals in England, according to government research, drinking an average of 44 units a week. That's almost double the recommended limit!

The NHS recommended maximum alcohol consumption for men is 21 to 28 units a week and for women, 14-21 units a week.

A poll by YouGov showed that media workers are the biggest consumers of wine, spirits, liqueurs and shots taking on average 3.2 measures a week.

Ben Willmott, senior public policy adviser at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development said: "This survey illustrates how work colleagues can influence how much we drink, even when we want to cut back. After-work drinks are often part of the fabric of our working lives and it's often tempting to go along with the crowd, even when you know your body needs a rest.

"It seems some industries are particularly prone to this effect - especially those where entertaining clients or colleagues goes hand in hand with a drink."

Source: Alcohol [The Guardian]