A man drove a Rolls-Royce through the front window of a Tesco superstore yesterday, resulting in six female shoppers getting injured and two counters broke down as the car shattered the glass.

The 50-year-old driver was reportedly pissed off after Tesco staff refused to sell alcohol to him. The police came and arrested him, charging him under suspicion of attempted murder and drink-driving.

Staff and customers claimed the driver failed to broke the store with his car at first attempt. Moments later, he reversed and picked up higher speed before crashing through the front of the shop.

Shoppers, including parents and children, ran for cover at the scene in Andover, Hampshire, just after 4.30pm. The force of the impact pushed two checkouts 10ft into a sweet aisle.

The six victims were taken to hospital and the store was evacuated. The injured are thought to include a pregnant woman.

Source: DUI [Mailonline]