Rebellious Peaches Geldof has done it yet again as she manages to find something that will tick dad, Sir Bob Geldof.

20-year-old Peaches has signed up as a top model for lingerie brand Miss Ultimo, striking a number of sexy and provocative poses for all to see. She reportedly secured a six-figure sum as the latest celebrity face of the brand.

"Dad hasn't seen the pictures yet." says Peaches. "But I'm not worried about his reaction because I'm a 20-year-old woman not a 13-year-old girl. I'm glad I can earn money like this."

She's a bit young but heck, does she look sweet prancing around and posing for the camera in the brand's array of colourful underwear and stilettos.

Miss Ultimo's boss Michelle Mone immediately snapped up the socialite after seeing topless beach pictures of her  in the News of the World.

She said: "Peaches was the perfect choice for this campaign. She's young, edgy with lashings of style."

Source: You May Want to Look Away Sir Bob [Mail Online]