Meet 21-year-old Chanel, the world's oldest dog.

Most dogs don't live past the 15 year old mark, but Chanel has weathered through and is aging nicely. A dachshund mix, Chanel has celebrated her equivalence to 120 human years just yesterday and has made it into the Guiness Book of Records.

Chanel might not have been a world record holder if it had not been for owner Denice Shaughnessy's husband, Karl, who noticed that he didn't see a category for the oldest dog in the record book. He called Guinness and sent in Chanel's birth certificate showing her birth date: May 6, 1988.

Apart from her cataract- prone eyes ( which she protects by wearing sporty red goggles), she wears a sweater or T-shirt when she goes out, even in summer because she tends to get chilled easily.

Source: Chanel [TODAY Pets]