If you think only celebrities like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan are getting drunk all the time, wait till you meet Jamie- Lee Day.

The 17-year-old drinks a liter of vodka and eight cans of beer Every.Single.Day and has admitted spending most of her £47-a-week benefits on alcohol.

She claims that she would rather buy vodka than food and boasts that "she can drink absinthe like water".

Jamie- Lee first tasted alcohol at 12 and by the age of 15, she had already moved onto drinking spirits "because it gets you drunk quicker".

'Mum had always forbidden me from drinking, but one evening, me and a friend stole a bottle of rum from her parents and drank it in the park – we wanted to see what it was like to be drunk,' she admits.

'I was so wasted, I had to crawl home. When I arrived, I threw up – Mum was so worried. I felt terrible the next day.'

Jamie- Lee has gotten into more brawls than she can remember, even ending up in the hospital after someone threw a bottle at her.

'People would pick on me because I was drunk and I’d end up in a fight. It wasn’t always my fault,' she said.

'One night in February, I woke up in hospital, with blood all over me. I had no idea how I got there.

'Mum was next to me, crying. Someone had thrown a bottle and I had fallen and hit my head.

'My friends were so worried, they rushed me to hospital. It was scary and I told myself: ‘Never again.’ But as soon as I was discharged, I got drunk on vodka.'

According to recent study, women are more likely to be home drinkers and, as home drinking is increasing, we would expect women's drinking to increase relative to men's.'

It added that many women using alcohol to an excessive and harmful extent 'do not see their own consumption as remarkable'.

Affluence, a good education and a professional job were among factors associated with heavy drinking among women.

But the study added: 'Woman who are unmarried, separated or divorced are more likely to drink in excess of recommended limits than women who are married or cohabiting.

Source: Jamie- Lee Day [Mail Online]