Supermarket staff refused to sell beer to a man aged 44 - because they suspected he was too young.

Oliver Ndlovu and three pals in their 20s were told they could not buy a case of 24 beers from Tesco in Cheetham Hill, Manchester.

When they complained, security staff were called and the men were told to leave the store off Bury Old Road.

They had planned to enjoy a few beers as they watched a football match on TV but were stunned to be told they couldn't have any alcohol.

Mr Ndlovu, a student nurse from Blackley, said: "The woman at the check-out asked for ID but I didn't have any. They called a team-leader and she said I looked under 25 and I needed ID. I told them I was quite a bit more than 25!

"I've even got a little bit of grey hair. I didn't like the way we were treated at all. I wanted an apology but it wasn't forthcoming at all."

Tee-total Mr Ndlovu waited in the car park, while one of his friends - Mthokozisi Moyo, 29, also a student nurse - went home to get his driving licence.

Mr Moyo returned to join his two other friends who were still in the store and already had their driving licences.

But security staff insisted that because Mr Ndlovu was part of the group, he had to come back to the store to show some ID before the sale could be completed.