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Wow. Nice legs. The YouTube comments for this video is filled with disgust, shock, confusion and some admiration. Take a look at them. In a quick glance, they look like they might just belong to some hot women in heels.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Apr 16, 2014 21:19
The art of hiding a boner is innate in a man. We all know how to keep it under the radar without people noticing when you have an inappropriate one. But let's turn the tables around and ponder what if women had to deal with the same kind of problem. What would happen?  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 16, 2014 21:19
Toilet paper rolls are more than just for keeping your toilet paper in place. When you think about it, the amount of empty rolls we go through in a lifetime is actually pretty wasteful.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 16, 2014 18:53
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