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Introduction and Conclusion can cause the biggest problems for your research paper at college or university. You will be surprised, but the research part is not the most difficult one for a lot of students. The biggest problems they face when writing an Introduction and Conclusion. They don't know what can be included and what can't be included in these parts, while keeping a healthy balance between an introduction, body, and conclusion in terms of word count.  Read more
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Given the individuality and uniqueness of every person, some things in life have to be unified. White collars are to dress in the classic style to work, while pupils wear school uniform on a daily basis. This allows for consistency and accuracy in their respective institutions just like the formatting does in writing. For clear and digestible expression of ideas, essays follow a certain structure, consist of particular elements, and have a special layout.   Read more
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 Bike ride is the most elementary form of transport. In earlier days, it was the first human powered vehicle that later transformed the face of automation. The first bicycle appeared around 400 years ago. Slowly innovation and technology shaped the rudimentary bicycle into the modern day road bike that we are so accustomed to see.  Read more
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