Learning how to tie a tie is one of the most important skills for a boy to learn as he becomes a man. Whether it be for work, formal events, or fancy dinners, the ability to tie a tie well can be the difference between looking sharp and looking sloppy at your next important event. It might seem like a strange and difficult practice at first, but don't worry. Simply follow the steps below and you'll know how to tie a tie like a pro with just a little bit of practice. 
Step 1: Choose a style

There are actually many different ways to tie a tie. For beginners, the four in hand knot is the simplest and easiest to execute style, so this guide will cover that particular knot. There are many other styles that vary greatly in complexity, but many use the same basic techniques that will be covered in this guide. 

Step 2: Getting Ready

The first thing you want to do with your tie is to drape it around your neck. You want the thicker side of the tie to be over your right shoulder, while the skinny end of the tie is over your left. Adjust the lengths of each side until the thicker side is around double the length of the skinny end. 

Step 3: Start Tying

Cross the ends of the tie in an "X" shape, with the thicker end crossing over the skinny end. Wrap it fully around one time, and then lay it on top of where the "X" meets, making sure it's over the skinny end, covering where the two ends cross. Use one hand to hold this shape together while you prepare for the next step. 

Step 4: Push it through

Take the thick end of the tie that remains and push it through the loop up by your neck that's now been created. Once it is pushed up and through, you should be able to see the knot forming a shape that will hold by itself. 

Step 5: Tying the Knot

Take the thick end of your tie that you've pushed through the loop and hold it up and out of the way. Look and see how the knot has formed with the piece of the ticker end you had originally put over the "X." This loosely formed knot is exactly where you want to put the remaining bit of the thicker end of the tie through. Feed it through slowly, being sure to put it through the right spot, over the original "X" but beneath the thicker piece of tie above it. Pull it all the way through, making sure to go slowly as to not accidentally undo the whole process, and making sure also that everything is straight and proper. 

Step 6: Finishing up!

Hold the knot you've just created with one hand, and grasp the narrow end of the tie that is dangling behind it with the other. Slowly pull on the narrow end of the tie while pushing the knot up towards your neck in order to tighten up the tie. If there is a loop on the back of the thicker end, you can stick the narrow end through it, or you can just let it dangle, whichever you prefer. 


Learning how to tie a tie is a fairly simple, but extremely important life skill for all different events. So next time you need to look respectable, presentable, or even spiffy, a four in hand knot is a perfectly acceptable, easy to execute, and classic form of tie knot for you to choose for your next big event. 

You probably googled this on the morning of your big day, so you better get to it. Good luck!