The skill of writing summaries is a crucial part of studies in schools, colleges, or universities. After all, summarizing shows whether a student comprehends the material or not. However, learners sometimes do not know how to start their summary essays and what to develop through their process. Still, knowing how to sum is simply a mastered skill.

What is a Summary?

Originally, there are two types of summaries: a reader summary and a summary essay. Most importantly, not only does summary develop a better recognition of a subject, but also gives an overview of a particular topic for others. The main concept of a summary is that it should explain concisely, in your own words, all the key points of an original text without personal opinion, years, or numbers. 

Steps for Composing a Summary Essay

It is always more manageable to start working when you have the right guidelines. Hence, you may divide the process of summarizing into three parts: exploring the article, identifying the principal idea, and writing the summary. Take a deeper look at each of the elements by continuing to read.

How to Review the Original Text?

First, read the text carefully and highlight any important statements. Next, you may take notes and list keywords or phrases in order not to forget about anything relevant. Once you are familiarized with the text, try to compose the outline of the central idea in one or two sentences to answer the question: Does it reflect the author's conception of the text?"

Distinguishing Supporting Arguments

By reexamining the text newly find any evidence or examples that support the key message. These may be either quotes or even the whole scenes. After that, read your marks and rephrase them in your individual statements. In other words, you simply need to redraft your notes. Be precise: do not go into detail as a summary should be short and coherent as possible.

Essay Setup

A common summary consists of an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Besides, the material should be displayed neutrally. Here are some preparatory description in writing a summary.


Mainly, the intro presents a strong opening line. It should include the author's name, title, and publication date. Moreover, a type of text should be stated whether it is a novel, an article, or a poem. For example, “According to Agatha Christie's novel in "ABC Murder"(1936)”. Lastly, finish the opening line by covering the chief theme in the text.

Body Paragraphs

In addition, there is no exact number of paragraphs in your summary, as it depends on the length of the original. However, the body paragraphs should be approximately one-third of the source. Furthermore, explain your evidence in several sentences. If you do need quotations, you may include it. What is more, avoid plagiarism and paraphrasing to compose a significant paper.


In conclusion, you sum up the major points and emphasize the sense of the report. Moreover, It should not be too long. Furthermore, remember to check the accuracy of your writing, once you have finished. 

Outcomes on Writing a Summary Essay

To conclude, writing an accurate summary will be an easy task with a decent plan to follow. Also, the concept of a review and its format has been described thoroughly. After all, now your task is almost ready and you just have to practice a lot.