Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file is an XML-based vector image file format that is perfect for 2D graphics in so many different fields. There are many advantages of using svg images over most other formats in the field of design. This file format is easy to compress without losing quality, indexed, scripted, and searched.

What Makes SVG So Unique?

Some of the key benefits of svg images that make them so different from other formats in the world of designing are as follows:

1. Easier Re-coloring & Redesigning

One of the main benefits of using this format is that it allows re-coloring and redesigning. Whether it is in the field of graphics, photos, crafts, tools, or web designing, you can add colors and re-design the file without much hassle. 

In other words, it is easy to edit these vector files. It is as simple as making changes to a word or coordinates within a text editor. It is easy to work with multiple, commonly used applications such as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator and others.

2. Designs are Scalable

Another major advantage of creating svg images is that they can be scaled without losing quality. This is because this vector format is independent of resolution. On the other hand, raster image formats will lose their resolution whenever they are enlarged. With SVG files, there is recalculation of the numbers behind the image, thus preventing distortion.

Pixel-based files have to be created in large size from the very beginning. There is no such limitation on creation of svg images. 

3. SVG Files are Lighter

SVG files are different from other vector-based formats in terms of their size dynamics. They are based on code and coding is fast and simple. Even PNG file formats can have significant increase in size when you add properties to them. SVG files increase slowly in size based on how many fills and paths are added. The result is that it is easier and faster to upload, save, and send svg images. Images can be uploaded in any size without any loss of sharpness and clarity.

4. Versatile

Another advantage of working with this file format is that it can be used to create any kind of design. You can create:


You can work with the file, edit it as much as you want and its quality will not be affected. This file format allows you to get the most out of your design work. The image will retain its aspect ratio, sharpness, and clarity without any issues. It also supports animation and hyperlinks.

When you work with svg images, there is no need to make any changes to your workflow. The designing process is almost same across different applications. This open standard was created by W3C. It has been considered as one of the best vector graphic format available to designers in different industries. It has been developed after receiving recommendations from many professionals and companies. It offers many advantages over raster and other vector file formats.